About Us


IBDAA was established in 2007, by Mr. Abdulaziz Al Akeel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as an industrial limited liability company. IBDAA’ main activities include; manufacturing of advertising sign, architectural system and digital printing outputs on all types of media.

IBDAA is committed through its slogan “we make a difference” to deliver a real valued services and satisfy its customer’s needs through using a supportive management system, most specialized workshops and production lines of their kind of operations, advanced technology and highly qualified, experience and dedicated personnel, having significant expertise in their respective spheres of activities.We at IBDAA anticipate further growth, both locally and Pan – Arab markets and hope you will be a part of it.

Our Mission: To fully immerse ourselves into our client’s brand, in order to understand their vision, goals, & essence, and then providing the best possible ways of achieving these concepts through the various marketing means

Our Vision statement is “To be a regional market leader in the signage industry as well as a pioneers in digital printing sector.

Our Logo Means “We Create not imitate” Design is a creative process that combines art and technology to communicate the brand with the new ideas. Giving our client’s design a professional, original, innovative and up-to date look that speaks the desired message to their audience; our design team works