16+ years of industry experience and still going strong!

With over 16 years of expertise under our belt, we’re ready to take on any challenge!

We Create not Imitate

 Giving our client’s design a professional, original,
innovative and up-to-date look that speaks the desired message to their audience


Expert Team

At Ibdaa, we believe that our greatest asset lies in our exceptional team of experts.



At Ibdaa, we place great emphasis on our commitment to meeting and exceeding project timelines.


Up to Date

At Ibdaa, we prioritize continuous learning and knowledge acquisition.

The Company's Impressive Building

Step into our company’s remarkable building, spanning an expansive area of 5000 square meters, where innovation and excellence converge. Let us take you on a tour of our exceptional facilities, purposefully designed to cater to your diverse needs:


Production Halls: With a sprawling area of 2500 square meters, our state-of-the-art production halls house an array of cutting-edge machines equipped with the latest technologies. Experience precision and efficiency as our skilled team utilizes digital printing machines, 2D and 3D engraving machines, 3D scanners, laser cutting and vinyl film cutting machines, metal printing machines, binding machines, and more.


Showroom: Spanning 1000 square meters, our showroom is a captivating space that showcases the wide range of products we offer. Here, you’ll also find our dedicated management offices, a training hall to nurture talent, and a meticulously equipped maintenance room with a comprehensive stock of spare parts.


Installations and Warehouse: Our installations and warehouse area cover 1500 square meters, providing ample space to store and manage our inventory efficiently.


Well-Equipped Maintenance Room: Rest assured, our maintenance room is fully equipped with a wide range of spare parts, ensuring swift and reliable repairs and upkeep of our machines.

We Have The State Of The ART TECHNOLOGY


Our Mission

To fully immerse ourselves into our client’s brand, in order to understand their vision, goals, & essence, and then providing the best possible ways of achieving these concepts through the various marketing means.

Our Vision

To be the pioneers in the media industry and digital marketing in the regional market. As well as our leadership in the billboards and digital printing sector





Our Values

We believe that creativity is the key to achieving remarkable success in today’s competitive landscape. By constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity, we can create solutions that stand out.

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